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Netflix Redesign Concept

An unsolicited user experience update for Netflix

The score and star related rating system is flawed. It doesn't really show how good something is, but rather the percentage of people who liked it.

It works if your taste is the same as others, but if you're like me, sometimes you belong on the percentage of people who doesn't like something, even when it has a really good rating.

Netflix's star rating was personalized to each person from the beginning, but that wasn't clear to people, so they opted for the thumbs up and thumbs down system to recommend content as a percentage of how likely you will be able to enjoy it.

This was a problem because people weren’t as motivated to rate titles when they thought they were just a drop in the bucket of all Netflix reviews. They didn’t understand that the more they rated, the better the system would be at understanding their tastes. 

Nathan McAlone, Business Insider

This redesign concept priotizes personalized content recommendation over listing every movies in Netflix's huge catolog of 5,000 titles.


The home page is where users will spend most of their time choosing what they want to watch, whether it's picking up an unfinished series or start watching a new movie. The goal is that users should spend the least time possible here, because people go to Netflix to watch, not browse the whole list forever.

The redesigned page features a large and upfront one recommendation of what Netflix thinks you'll enjoy. It can be personalized to your:

  • Routine — you watch an episode of The Good Place everyday at 6 PM

  • Unfinished watch — you only have 10% of The Lighthouse left

  • Past recommendation — what other people with similar taste to you watch

When the decision is handed to users, it's quicker and easier for them to start watching. No more hopelessly scrolling hopping the next line of recommendation will be better than the last.

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