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Autism Spectrum Disorder

A non-profit organization raising awareness and supporting people with autism in Vietnam

I joined the Autism Spectrum Disorder project (ASD) in September 2018 to develop a branding identity to kick off the first campaign. ASD's mission is to able to lift the social stigma attached with the autism disorder in Vietnam, where many people still believe it's a disease.

The brief was simple: something inviting, understandable, and works great across mediums.


The puzzle pattern reflects the complexity of the autism spectrum. The different colors and shapes represent the diversity of the people and families living with the condition.

Autism Society,

The result is an implementation of the very recognized puzzle symbol that represents the community.

The border width of the icon is also adaptive to its scale to ensure it's legible at all sizes.

Social Media

The project mostly live on social media, specifically on Facebook. All text posts are accompanied by a square image which requires at least the branding logo, a title, a subtitle and the link back to the Facebook page in case the posts is shared.

Structure of a Facebook post image

For the illustrations behind the text, the goal was to make them playful without too much visual clutter. That means all text should have a solid background, or a rounded rectangle background underneath if the text has to be above the illustration.

Final designs


Facebook Page Cover